June,1946 Founded under the firm name Sanko Shokai.
March,1947 Established Sanko Kagaku Kogyosho in Arao city.
January,1949 Changed the firm organization and the firm name from Sanko Shokai to Sanko Co.,Ltd.
January,1955 Started the formulating of agricultural chemicals as Kyushu Plant,Nippon Soda Co.,Ltd.
January,1956 Started the production of phenyl-phenols.
September,1956 Reorganized Sanko Kagaku Kogyosho, and with the capital 2million yen,established Sanko Chemical Co.,Ltd.
April,1962 Controled and managed Sanko Sewing Co.,Ltd.
January,1966 Started the formulating of agricultural chemicals as Arao Plant,Kumiai Kagaku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
September,1968 Completed a synthesis plant of paraphenylphenol (P-PP) and started its production.
May,1970年 Started the production of a new organic phosphorus compound HCA.
December,1973 Completed a synthesis plant of orthophenylphenol (O-PP)
October,1974 Constructed Shiga Plant and started the production of a developer for carbonless copying paper.
October,1975 Established Sanko Research & Development Laboratories Co.,Ltd. Constructed its laboratory at Ibaraki city,Osaka Prefecture in May,1982.
October,1977 Started the production of flame retardant GHM.
September,1986 Constructed a plant for new Speciality Chemicals in Arao site.
April,1991 Acquired Dai-ichi Nylon Kogyo Co.,Ltd. and established Shiga Buisiness Office.
June,1991 Established Sanko Europe GmbH (Dusseldorf,Reorganized its Representative office).
October,1991 Set up Shiga Laboratory, and constructed a multipurpose Plant for developmant.
June,1992 Established Sanko Medic Co.,Ltd.
April,1996 Sanko Co.,Ltd. merged with Sanko Chemical Co.,Ltd.
July,2000 Constructed a plant for HP at Arao site.
July,2002 Established Sanko (Thailand) CO.,ltd. (Bangkok).
December,2002 Constructed a plant for plastics at Shiga site.
July,2004 Established SANKO U.S.A., Inc. (Chicago).
May,2005 Constructed a plant for NKS at Arao site.
January,2005 Established Representative office in Shanghai ,China.
December,2006 Established SANKO TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. (Reorganized its Representative office).
January,2008 Constructed a plant for HCA(HP-2 Plant) at Arao site
January,2011 Constructed a plant for HCA(HP-3 Plant) at Arao site
April,2012 Constructed Ariake Factory
April,2014 Expanded Moriyama Works of Sanko Medic Co.,Ltd. at Shiga site.
April,2019 Moved our headquarters to Tokyo.